Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Software Development Cell (SDC) @ CSE department, MRCET is initiated to harness the technical skills of students. The SDC looks at development of projects that provide an opportunity to students to work in an organized team structure and timelines.

Students have the advantage of playing the different roles as a software engineer – programmer, test-lead, team-lead, management, maintenance etc. This helps them to have an exposure to the complete life cycle of software development.


  • Provides effective education and training to students
  • To satisfy the current software automation needs of the institution.
  • To provide an opportunity to grow, to use their technical expertise and ability to develop and produce innovative products,
  • To provide services and solutions that satisfies emerging customer needs.
  • Identification of technical experts from industry especially alumni for including them as a part of the SDC.

  • List of projects:

    College Web-site, College ERP, Digital Book Inventory, Exam Cell Automation System etc.


    The significance of SDC is to sharpen the programming skills and software development concepts of students, enhancing opportunities for future employment.