IT – Information Technology

About the Department:

  • The Department of Information Technology was established in 2007 with an annual intake of 60 and has grown to a current annual intake of 180 students. The department has been accredited by NBA and NAAC – A Grade.
  • The greatest resource of the department is its dedicated faculty with a well balanced mix of experienced seniors and energetic junior faculty members, organized in a well-defined hierarchy of administration.
  • A separate building houses the department with ample classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and a spacious seminar hall. Autonomy enables continuous updation of syllabus so as to be in sync with the requirements of the IT Industry.
  • It offers contemporary subjects like Mobile Application Development, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Block-Chain Technology etc and specialized labs like Linux programming, Web Technologies, Data warehousing & Data Mining and has a Centre of Excellence in Big Data Analytics.
  • The Department also provides second level of growth to the students through conduction of curricular and extra-curricular activities under the aegis of CSI student chapter.
  • It organizes Annual Techfest called “TechTrix” and launches Dept. Newsletter called “TechPulse” and Dept. Magazine called “Techronicle” on a regular basis.
  • Benefaction Club in the Department takes up various NSS activities for students and Faculty.
  • Courses Offered:

  • B.Tech in Information Technology (Intake - 180)

  • Dr. G. Sharada


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