Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)/ Industry-Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

EDC Preamble


Producing successful entrepreneurs imbibed with leadership qualities, Technical skills and above all passionate approach by using innovative and ethical business practices to make an effective global impact.


Unlock the innovative business opportunities and outcomes along with market updating among students to pursue entrepreneurship.

EDC/IIPC- The association

When your skills empowers to be a job creator.

MRCET professional association with an Industry-Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) sanctioned by the All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which definitely acts as an interface between the industries and Institute to take up collaborative activities in the fields of innovative practices and entrepreneur development. Entrepreneurship development cell has taken a revolutionary responsibility to generate the entrepreneurship skills among the students and help them to capitalize their ideas and achieve concrete goals to become a versatile entrepreneur. Moreover, we also give exposure of industrial sector to the challenging young minds to gain the perfect idea of market need and requirements. The system for the execution of EDC is initiated by different departmental faculty members and student coordinators. Contribute to global challenges and create a better society.

EDC /IIPC- Objectives

Entrepreneurship development cell bridges the gap between ideas to develop new innovative market. The IIPC has eventually leaded to the start of EDC to boost up the concrete mindset of enthusiastic students who wants to excel in the different fields of today’s competitive business world. To strengthen the bond between industries and institute it works for following objectives.

  • To arrange industrial training for students and identify student project work in industries relevant to industry need.
  • To interact with R & D organizations for conducting joint research work.
  • To arrange technical exhibitions / project competitions, personality development workshops.
  • To arrange short-term tailor made programmes: Duration of 5 to 7 days for the benefit of professionals in various technical disciplines.
  • To arrange need based training programme in association with industries by MOU’s.

  • EDC /IIPC- Functional activities

    With a purpose of enhancing entrepreneurship skills among students to be self-reliant in the dynamic business world, MRCET act as an instrument to make the conversion of an ‘idea’ into an ‘investment’. The new generation entrepreneurs, corporate executives, guest speakers on various domains covering technology & management are invited to guide and motivate students. Furthermore, we also help them to channelize their requirements in terms of financial, technical and legal aspects.

  • To provide the framework for the operation and execution of the new startup.
  • To setup a route map for sustaining among the competitors.
  • Empowering student entrepreneurial activity and mobilizing new student-led initiatives.
  • To get aware of new technology system and get rid from obsolete technology.
  • To form links with the Industry Growth Centers.
  • To come closer towards practical approaches in the field of new start up corporate world.
  • To propose several activity based programmes such as “Business Start-ups” , “Innovative Product”, ‘ Technology driven concepts”, etc
  • To develop professional business plans and facilitating them for investments.

  • EDC/IIPC -Helping Hand to Student

  • Incubation Centers
  • College initiates and provides office space & equipment, technology support and seed capital to nurture the upcoming entrepreneurial talents. Thus making it more robust and approachable for the individual who has high entrepreneur ambition.

  • Mentoring
  • College has dedicated Technical & Business Development mentors to assist students who are coming with the business ideas and to provide entrepreneurship training. The guidance given by mentors plays vital role to start a new venture.

  • Associations
  • College has industry associations giving one on one professional network and self-employment tips to establish as successful entrepreneurs. The professional bodies will surely trigger confidence among students to take individual decision and to start their business plans.

    EDC/IIPC- Career Outcomes
  • Small business owner/operator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business analyst
  • Intrapreneur
  • EDC PROGRAMME 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19.

    S.No Academic Year Date Program Title Name of the Speaker
    1 2014-15 18th March, 2015
    7th November, 2015
    • Entrepreneur Management.
    • Awareness of Business Opportunities in Marketing.
    Mr. CH. Dakshina Murthy, Head ER/IR, Suven Life Pvt. Ltd.
    Prof. G. K. Srikanth, IBS,
    2 2015-16 5th August, 2016

    14th October, 2015
    • Personality Development-Entrepreneurial Skill Development Program.
    • Best HR Practices for Successful Business.
    Mr. Prashanth Bhargav, Corporate HR Consultant.

    Dr. K. S. Ratnakar,Dean, Global Hospitals.
    3 2016-17 17th November, 2017 • Managerial Skill Development Program-Business Building and Communication Skills. Mr. Rajesh Pershad, Corporate Soft Skills Trainer
    4 2017-18 4th January 2018 •Awareness Program on Business Opportunities for MBA Students. Ms. Hema Jain, CEO, Crux Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
    5 2017-18 8th , 9th August, 2018 •Management Development Programme. Dr. Upendra Sastry, Principal, HMV.
    6 2018-19 8th February 2019. • Entrepreneurial Process. Dr. Chandra Shekar, Director, SSIM
    7 2018-19 9th February 2019. • Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Market. Mr. P.V Madhusudhan Director, IPR Cell, India

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