Malla Reddy College of

Engineering & Technology

Autonomous Institution - UGC, Govt. of India


Vision & Mission

1.To establish a world class hub for Technology Innovation and an ample house for Startups.

1.To create a vibrant Startup ecosystem in Telangana state for global economic growth, through innovation, entrepreneurship driven employment and facility creation for Startups.

Quality Policy

1. To provide the framework for the operation and execution of the new startups
2. To encourage, facilitate and support student and faculty for the emergence of technology startups within the institution
3. Extend a dedicated support to few high growth startups developing innovative technology solution for high social impact in sectors like health care, food, education, Environment etc.
4. To identify thrust areas and establish support for infrastructure and strengthen the existing mechanism in the thrust areas
5. To setup a route map for sustaining among the competitors and to promote industry engagement
6. To provide incentives, resources and awards to startups, facilitators, mentors and investors for the promotion of startups

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