Malla Reddy College of

Engineering & Technology

Autonomous Institution - UGC, Govt. of India

Best Practices

In pursuance of having a high - value impact on various aspects of educational activities conducted in the first year, different practices have been initiated to prepare the students for the life ahead.

Mentor- Mentee concept:

Mentors are appointed to assist each student on a one-on-one basis to increase the scope of giving guidance, counseling and monitoring for the betterment, development and the improvement of every student. The mentor helps the mentee to grow in all aspects that the society demands. She/he gives psychological support and career guidance too thus enabling the protégé to feel liberated and well-informed.

Literary Clubs:

Since both verbal and non-verbal communication are leading the forefront, it has become essential that a student works on enhancing his/her English language skills by establishing mutually beneficial communication through attentive, reflective listening amongst students for better career prospects and development of communication skills in the students. This will not only polish their listening skill but it will aid in the learning of the other skills.

In the literary clubs, the learners are encouraged to give oral presentations to engender in them a sense of confidence and groom them towards professionalism. This aims to drive away all their inhibitions as far as the mike and stage are concerned. These clubs are foresighted because they prepare the undergraduates for the interviews in their senior year.

Personality Development Programmes:

Professionalism is the key for success in ones career. To motivate the students towards positive attitude, culture and professional rectitude, the department organizes Personality Development Programmes (PDP) every week throughout the academic year on par with the regular teaching sessions. The students enjoy these gatherings because it brings out their real persona. These programmes concentrate on unveiling the unbelievably rich talents and energies the students possess.

E- Learning:

The classrooms and the laboratories are completely digitalized. The employment of audio-visual aids encourages teaching-learning process, and makes it easier and interesting. E-classrooms make the subject impactful and realistic in the minds of the students. To add, the students are provided e – learning lectures and PowerPoint presentations for better study. This has received favorable response from the students as it makes teaching effective.

Expert Talks:

The department organizes series of guest lectures and seminars by eminent personalities from well-known universities / institutions / industries to impart the practical aspects of knowledge in their work areas. These influential talks enlarge the audience’s awareness of education, business, science, technology and also increase creativity. Regularly topping up the inspiration levels is great for focus, energy levels and all-round work happiness of the learners.