Malla Reddy College of

Engineering & Technology

Autonomous Institution - UGC, Govt. of India

Vision & Mission


To deliver quality education and instill high patterns of discipline in order to make the students technologically superior and ethically strong thus improving the quality of human life.


To achieve and impart holistic technical education using the best of infrastructure and outstanding technical and teaching expertise to establish the students as competent and confident engineers.


* Taking our college’s motto “Live to learn, learn to share,” we promote high quality in all of its operations: teaching and learning which lead to certificates and degrees, administrative and educational support services, and public service.

* To provide educational opportunities at a competitive cost to all relevant member of the society.

* To work for the physical, academic, mental and emotional development of a student.

Quality Policy:

* To provide expertise teaching and outstanding service with scholarly research and professional leadership.

* To nurture the students with academic excellence and integrity.

* To believe in diversity, team spirit and collective excellence to inculcate discipline and values of life to meet societal demands.

Long- Term Goals:

* To achieve the highest rating levels among the engineering colleges of the nation.

* To become a center of innovation.

* To build future engineering leaders.

* To develop an internationally influential approach in several key areas of research and development.

* A constant effort in recent years to implement talent strategy to give a comprehensive functional approach.

Our Short- Term Goals:

* To lay a strong foundation for the students to excel in future opportunities.

* To prepare students for success in life by providing high quality, great value, easy access and community focus education.

* To create bonds with national and international organizations for academic and R & D activities in thrust area of engineering and arts.

* To reach the pinnacles of knowledge through continuous nourishing and updating of intellectual skills, stimulate the qualitative teaching and learning practice.


* Establishing a standard of evaluation which puts quality first to implement its overall development strategy.

* To become a backbone for the future engineering streams and create theoretical innovation.

* Forging a high-level teaching team; to implement its quality strategy, led by real ability and firm talent.