Malla Reddy College of

Engineering & Technology

Autonomous Institution - UGC, Govt. of India


The department is equipped with good infrastructure and is set up with the latest hardware and software technologies along with Wi-Fi connectivity.



All the I Year, B. Tech Classrooms are structured as e-classrooms equipped with a Computer, LCD Projector, LAN & Internet connectivity with 24 hours power backup facility.

ENGLISH Language Lab

English Language Communication Skills Laboratory, a course for undergraduate engineering and technology students studying at MRCET, plays a significant role in enhancing the skills of engineering students. It comprises of the four skills of learning – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in addition to their theory. The subject title is “Communication Skills”, a theory subject and “Communication Skills Lab”, a practical subject. The lab training is given with the assistance of Networked Computers and specially designed software. The Communication Skills Lab focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts.



To expose the students to a variety of self-instructional, learner-friendly modes of language learning.

To help the students cultivate the habit of reading passages from the computer monitor, thus providing them with the required facility to face computer-based competitive exams such GRE,TOEFL, GMAT etc..,.

To enable them to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.

To train them to use language effectively to face interviews, group discussions,public speaking.



Computer Assisted Language Learning Lab has the capacity of 60 workstations apart from one Instructor workstation. This software based language lab endeavors to familiarize the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts; and also sensitize the students to the nuances of English speech sounds, word accent, intonation and rhythm to bring about a consistent accent and intelligibility in their pronunciation. Students are given practice in listening to the sounds of the language and be able to recognize them, to distinguish between them to mark stress and recognize and use the right intonation in sentences.



Interactive Communication Skills Lab is equipped with necessary acoustics and latest technological aids such as a TV, OHP and LCD projector with a huge screen, overhead projector, etc. to enhance the speaking skills of the students to express themselves fluently and appropriately in social and professional contexts. It also trains the students to use language appropriately for interviews, group discussion and public speaking

PHYSICS Laboratory


Physics is of paramount importance to comprehend any aspect of Engineering and Technology and thus forms a primary prerequisite for any prospective engineer to be successful. The Physics department is headed by the head of the Humanities and Sciences department himself. The department is having three state- of-the- art laboratories which expose the students to various experimental skills. The students are given hands – on experience to help them compare the theory and correlate with experiment. The Department has been engaged in organizing the science fairs and workshops for the benefit of students.

CHEMISTRY Laboratory


Chemistry is an allied subject to all the branches of engineering and technology. It is thus an interdisciplinary science with high industrial relevance. The department is having two well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiments as stipulated in the curriculum of all the branches at B. Tech freshmen year. It teaches practical skills involving the manipulation of chemicals and the use of sophisticated analytical instrumentation for the interpretation of phenomena. The results of the research are of immediate benefit to other chemists and scientists in related disciplines and in many cases also to industrial R&D groups.

Professional Skills Development Center

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development of a country. In rapidly growing economies like India with a vast and ever-increasing population, there is a severe shortage of highly-trained, quality skilled resources, while on the other; large sections of the population possess little or no job skills.

Education should always be purposeful, growth oriented and productive. Prospective employers see a candidate from the view point of employability potential that one has. Furthermore, the industry has neither the time nor inclination to train a fresher in skills required. Owing to tough competition, industry is ready to recruit only skilled candidates who can contribute immediately to the well being of the company.

Hence the emphasis is on how best to integrate industry relevant skill set and regular college curriculum and expose students to real workplace culture. The need of the hour is a sustainable platform to hone the skills of students and provide the support each individual needs to grow. As a result, Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology established a skill development centre in June 2016.

Professional Skill Development Center is a progressive and student friendly initiative with a well-intended objective to acquaint the students with both the academics and the global job market. Professional Skill Development Center creates an opportunity culture where students have an opportunity to excel and are encouraged to realize the vision and long term objectives. This department focuses on training undergraduate and post graduate students of MRCET in various employable skills so as to enhance the employability.

Paramount importance will be given to training students in employability skills that cater to industry and technological needs. Professional Skill Development Center also realizes the basic truth that being technically good is not adequate and therefore rigorous training will be given in communication skills, sound values and professional ethics to enable the student to venture out in confidence and prove his caliber in the competitive workplace.