Vision & Mission

Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology (MRCET) is a constituent College of Malla Reddy Group of Institutions (MRGI) established in 2004..

Library & Information Center


To facilitate speedy access to information and knowledge resources among MRCET fraternity.

To assist all users in putting knowledge to work for the benefit of the society.

To play catalytic role in extending the frontiers of the universe of knowledge.


The library will serve as a conduit to discovery and self-education by:

Focusing on users’ needs

Enabling users to become information literate

Acquiring and organizing information resources

Acting as a guide to information utilizing traditional formats and innovative technology.


Develop and maintain policies and programmes that are oriented towards and centered on users.

Maximize our staff capability and potential to enable them to provide effective, responsive and innovative services.

Utilize library and information technology innovatively and appropriately.

Develop and maintain effective and efficient infrastructure to provide and deliver information services to the user community.

Support and enhance teaching and learning processes by delivering and promoting the effective use of information resources and services.

Promote the standing and good reputation of the institute through excellence in library services, collaboration with other organizations and staff contribution to the community.