Best Practices

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dept. Best Practices

  1. 1) Implementation of Mentor-Mentee concept : Enables focus on individual students, increasing the scope of giving guidance, counseling and monitoring for better improvement of each and every student.

  2. 2) Enhancement of Programming Language skills : The department organizes various workshops on emerging technologies amongst students for better career prospects and development of technical skills in the students.

  3. 3) Group Discussions: The students participate in mock interviews and group discussions to give them a sense of confidence and groom them towards professionalism.

  4. 4) Assignments: The best teaching practice-formative assessment, assignment design to foster student engagement and ownership.

  5. 5) Placement Oriented Training : Campus recruitment training (CRT) is given to the students from II year onwards to cater the needs of students for placements.

  6. 6) Organizing Workshops , IT Conclaves & Guest Lectures: Reputed persons from software industry and academicia are invited to the campus to give expert talks on emerging technologies. As part of IT Conclave, SME sessions will be organized by Industry Experts to our students.

  7. 7) Conferences: International conference on Soft Computing and Signal Processing (ICSCSP) is conducted every year providing the platform for sharing their knowledge

  8. 8) Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) : The department organizes FDP’s and also deputes the faculty members to other organizations to enhance their knowledge with advanced technologies.

  9. 9) Research Oriented Promotions: Research and Development (R & D) plays a critical role in the process of innovation.

  10. 10) National Level Techno-cultural Festival (Exuberanza): is conducted every year to exhibit the technical and creative skills of the students which are organizing under our Technical and Professional Student Chapters like CSI and IEEE.

  11. 11) Incubation Cell: With the support of Incubation Cell, our students will be given encouragement during their III Year and IV Year to do some Live Projects offered by college or industry. With this students will get more knowledge on programming skills.

  12. 12) Internships: Internship is a system of on-the-job training provided for our students by real time environment of IT Industry. Internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career.