Malla Reddy College of

Engineering & Technology

Autonomous Institution - UGC, Govt. of India


Department of Master of Business Administration

Dept. Faculty:

There are well experienced and highly qualified faculty members in the department to monitor the needs of teaching, Research and Development.

Faculty Strengths:

Faculty comprising of learned Academic institutions/Universities and reputed R&D Organizations.

Aiming simulating learning environment beyond the lecture hall.

Problem Based and Application Oriented Teaching.

Faculty aims at developing human values, business etiquettes, emotionally balanced and recreation in the stressful achievement oriented curriculum.

List of Faculty members: 2019-2020

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Prof. G. Naveen Kumar Assoc. Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Reena Modi Professor
3 Dr. Ch. Yadagiri Professor
4 Dr. I J Raghavendra Assoc. Professor
5 Dr. Vaishali Shankarlal Pagaria Assoc. Professor
6 Prof. T. Satish Kumar Assoc. Professor
7 G. Archana Assoc. Professor
8 K. Shashikanth Assoc. Professor
9 NNK Sandilya Assoc. Professor
10 M. Vijayalakshmi Assoc. Professor
11 K. Sudheer Asst. Professor
12 ML Himaja Asst. Professor
13 N.Durga Bhavani Asst. Professor
14 N. Rajesh Babu Asst. Professor
15 V. Hari Krishna Asst. Professor
16 Nanda Kishore Asst. Professor
17 Raju Rathipelli Asst. Professor
18 Shalini Battula Asst. Professor
19 Ayanala Lakshmi Asst. Professor
20 Mittakola Sunitha Asst. Professor
21 A Mohan Kumar Asst. Professor
22 G. Meenu Deepika Asst. Professor
23 Naresh Dumpala Srinivas Asst. Professor
24 Shyam Reddy Putta Asst. Professor
25 Saleem Javeed Ali Asst. Professor
26 Bharath Kumar V Asst. Professor
27 M Swetha Asst. Professor
28 Maheshwari Purra Asst. Professor