Best Practices

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dept. Best Practices

    Academics and Curriculum Aspects
  •     An Outcome Based Education that includes the industry-oriented concepts.
  •     Application based teaching and learning methodology.
  •     Reformed Teaching Learning Process that includes using various resources like PPT’s Video Lectures by faculty, Case Studies etc., is adopted for better understanding of the concepts
  •     Feedback from all the stakeholders on both curriculum and infrastructure that helps in enhancement and enrichment of the same.

    Infrastructure & Learning Resources
  •     State of the art Laboratories
  •     Startups and Technology Business Incubation to support and motivate students towards entrepreneurship.
  •     Industry Institute Partnership Cell to build collaborations with industries.
  •     Research Project Centres namely
      1. Centre for Automation and Control Engineering,
      2. Centre for Engineering Design,
      3. Centre for Sustainable Materials and Recycling Technologies
      4. Centre for Energy Sustainability
      5. Centre for Mobility Engineering and
      6. Centre for Computational Dynamics.
  •     Department has a dedicated Library that is being accessed by the students and faculty
  •     Students are provided with an in-house tailor-made Online Lecture Notes by faculty that are available in the Institute Website Portal.

    Student Support & Progression
  •    Tutorial Lectures after college hours for identified Slow Learners
  •     Certification Courses in AutoCAD, CATIA, CREO, ANSYS. Python
  •     Coursera, Swayam and NPTEL lecture Courses.
  •     Personality development and Life Skills programmes
  •     Soft Skills and Campus Recruitment Training
  •     Career Guidance sessions on the opportunities available after graduation.
  •     Students Mentoring System to monitor the performance of the student and counsel them to overcome the difficulties in their academics.
  •     Parents-Mentors Meeting are organised on regular basis to take the regular feedback about the progress of their ward and overall development of the college.
  •     Additional Practical sessions for Programming Courses

    Research & Innovation
  •    Industry Oriented Student and Faculty Projects
  •     Industrial visits & Internships for students in leading core industries to get exposed to practical aspects of engineering & technology
  •     Faculty Industry Visits for understanding the latest developments in the industries
  •     Student Minor and Major are progressed under the Research Project Centres.

    Student Activity Center (SAC)
  •     Seminars and Workshops on Emerging Technologies and recent developments.
  •     Motivating Students to participate in various technical events and also publish research articles in Journals and Conferences.
  •     Department Level Academic Excellence awards

  •     Alumni Committee and interactions to utilize their services, like Guest Lectures, Internship opportunities, placements, etc.,