Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dept. Infrastructure

Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab Pelton Wheel Experimental Set Up, Single Stage Centrifugal Pump, Major and Minor Losses Setup, Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump, Kaplan Turbine, Francis Turbine, Venturimeter, Orifice Meter, Reciprocating Pump, Impact of Jet on Vanes, Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus.
Materials Engineering Lab Muffle Furnace, Jominy End Quench Test, Disc Polishing Machine, Belt Grinding Machine, Hydraulic Specimen Mounting Press, Metallurgical Microscope, Carbon & Sulphur Determination Apparatus, Binocular, Trinocular.
Strength of Materials Lab Torsion Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Test, Rockwell Hardness Test, Spring Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, UTM (Universal Testing Machine), Simply Supported Beam Apparatus, Cantilever Beam Apparatus, Deflection of Beam Setup.
Manufacturing Processes Lab Arc Welding Set Up, Spot Welding, TIG welding, Plasma Welding ,Brazing, Metal Casting, Hydraulic Press, Power Press, Blow Moulding, Injection Moulding, Induction Furnace for Metal Melting, Sand Permeability Testing Machine, Cope & Drag Sets, Patterns, Runner & Riser, Vent rods,3D printer, Sand Strength Machine, Gas Welding
Thermal Engineering and Energy Resources Lab Multi cylinder engine for Morse test,4 stroke single cylinder CI engine,4 stroke single cylinder SI engine,2 Stroke SI engine, Multi Stage Reciprocating air compressor, valve timing diagram setup, port timing diagram setup, study of boilers, Assembly and dis-assembly of IC engine, Refrigeration test Rig, Solar Panel for V-I Characteristics, Solar Evacuated Tube collector, Solar flat plate collector, LPG Cylinder Kit, Flame front propagation analysis setup
Manufacturing Technology Lab Tool Makers Microscope, Sine Bar, Spirit Level, Vernier Calipers, Height Gauge, Bore Dial Indicator, Surface Plate, Micrometer, Depth Gauge, Bevel Protractor, Slip Gauge Box, Lathe Machine, Slotting Machine, Drilling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Shaper Machine, Planer, Tool And Cutter Grinder, Gear Teeth Vernier Calipers 3/2 Wire Micrometer.
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab Computers – 120 , CAD software (Auto CAD/ Creo), CAM simulation software, CNC Lathe, ANSYS
Heat Transfer Lab Composite Slab Apparatus, Lagged Pipe Apparatus, Concentric Sphere Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod, Pin Fin Apparatus, Transient Heat Conduction Apparatus, Forced Convection Apparatus, Natural Convection Apparatus, Parallel Flow And Counter Flow Heat Exchanger, Emissivity Apparatus, Stefan-Boltzman Apparatus, Critical Heat Flux Apparatus, Heat Pipe Apparatus, Film Wise Drop Wise Condensation Apparatus
Automation & Control Engineering Lab Computers, Arduino Uno, Raspberry PI, Bread Boards, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Sonar Sensor, Photo resistors, Solar panels, LiPO Battery, Stepper motor, Bulb.
Mechanical Measurements and instrumentation Lab Calibration of Pressure Gauge, Calibration of LVDT, Measurement of Strains, Calibration of Thermocouples, Angular Displacement by Capacitive Transducer, Speed Measurement Setup, Calibration of Mcleod Gauge, Vibration Analysis Setup, Calibration of Rotameter.


Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments
Thermal Engineering Laboratory Thermal Engineering Laboratory-Four Stroke C.I. Engine, Vapour Compression Refrigeration Unit, Heat Pipe Apparatus, Solar Flat Plate Collector, Flue Gas Analyzer, Solar Evacuated Tube collector, Biodiesel mixture setup, IC Engine with gaseous fuel setup, To study V-I Characteristics of solar panel, Power generation from solar equipment.
Computational Methods Laboratory Computational Methods Laboratory- ANSYS or Equivalent, MATLAB or Equivalent, CFD software, C-Compiler, Computers.


Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments
Kinematics & Dynamics Lab Universal Vibration Apparatus, Gyroscope Apparatus, Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, FFT Analyzer.
Computer Aided Testing, Analysis and Modeling Lab Microscope, CAD software (Auto CAD/ Creo), ANSYS or Equivalent, Computers, Electro Polishing Machine, Muffle furnace, Brinnells / Rockwells hardness.